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Welcome to Beton Hala 2011 International Architectural Competion Website

January 25th, 2012:
Please, be informed that all the submitted entries (hard copies of the drawings) can be returned to the authors on request and at their expense by the end of February 2012. After the deadline, the entries will be destroyed


City of Belgrade, Agency for investment and housing, Institute of Urbanism Belgrade and Public Company „Belgrade Fortress

have the pleasure to invite you to the solemn opening of the


of the competition works of the International Architectural and Urban Planning Competition for the WATERFRONT CENTER (BETON HALA) located in the area between the Sava Port and Kalemegrad Park in Belgrade, at which 135 works which have participated in the Competition shall be displayed.

Monday the 20th June 2011 at 6.00 p.m.
Savsko šetalište (the Sava Promenade), in the Kalemegdan Park.

The exhibition will be open till 10th July, 2011





1. TWO EQUAL FIRST PRIZES  (award of 25.000,00 EUR each):

Working code: 114
Identification code:  291797 SG
Authors: Team "ARCVS": Branislav Redžić, Dragan Ivanović, Zoran Milovanović, Zoran Đorović, Vesna Milojević, Boris Husanović, Marko Todorović, Predrag Stefanović, structural consultant: Sreto Kuzmanović

Working code: 55
Identification code:  111111 AA
Authors: Sou Fujimoto Architects, consultant Ove Arup Japan


2. TWO EQUAL THIRD PRIZES  (award of 7.500,00 EUR each):

Working code: 119
Identification code: 011110 MM
Authors:  Dejan Miljković, Jovan Mitrović, Aleksandar Rodić, associates: Miloš Milivojević, Vuk Lukić, Dejan Mitrović, Aida Hadžiahmetović, Iva Olujić.           

Working code: 131
Identification code: 050709 BG
Authors:" MX_SI architectural studio", Boris Bežan, Hector Mendoza Ramirez, Mara Gabriela, Partida Muňoz, Oscar Espinosa, Olga Bombač.


3. HONORABLE MENTION (award of 5.000,00 EUR):

Working code: 50
Identification code: 266275SR
Authors: Grupo Aranea - "TERRITORIO ARANEA SLP"
Francisco Leiva Ivorra (team representative), Maciej Siuda, Martin Lopez Robles, Luis Navarro Jover, Federico Tomas Serrano, Marta Garcia Chico, Cristina Aleson, Crsitiva Jovar
. Structural consultant: BOMA. Country : Spain


TWO JURY RECOMMANDATIONS (without prize award):

Working code: 36
Identification code: 720701 JC
Authors: Janghwan Cheon, Derik Eckhardt, Felipe Colin, Christopher Paulsen, Donghyun Kim, Jonathan Culp, Gabee Cho.

Working code: 126
Identification code: 160485 OS
Authors: Luca Catalano, Massimo Acito, Marco Burrascano, Annalisa Metta, Luca Reale, Caterina Rogai, Piera Carcassi, Serena Muccitelli, coauthors: Marta Spadaro, Livia Valentini, Lorenzo Senni.


May 13, 2011.


  1. Dr Darko Radovic, President
  2. Roberto Simon, deputy President
  3. Josep Acebillo, Jury member
  4. Dr Kurt Puchinger, Jury member
  5. Dragan Djilas, Jury member
  6. Vladimir Lojanica, Jury member
  7. Milica Grozdanic, Jury member

Deputy Jury members:

  1. Dejan Vasovic
  2. Dr Ana Miljacki

Beton Hala, Belgrade


Equal First Prize
Entry No. 114
This scheme stood out form the rest of competitors by offering a simple, but refined complexity. Viewed from Novi Beograd and from the bridge, new spaces gracefully underline the skyline of historic Kalemegdan, without competing with its elegant silhouette.  Colorful, flowery treatment of the roof, the veritable fifth façade of the project, enriches the view from the hill and offers its immense space to variety of urban uses. Skillfully combined, two functional volumes constitute architectural body of the project and hint at the variety of expressions of everyday life of Belgrade, high level of flexibility which invites and accepts evolution and healthy change.

Equal First Prize
Entry No. 55
This brave proposal held highest emblematic potential among all of Beton Hala entries. It offers a brave, iconic structure which skillfully blurs the difference between urban and architectural scales and spaces. Proposed spaces enter a complex dialogue with historic assemblage of Kalemegdan Hill, respectfully juxtaposes its cutting-edge 21st century space against the layered past of its context.  Static spaces of the platform, which houses bulk of architectural volume of the scheme, are contrasted against the suspended flux of ramps, which offer public spaces of a novel type, rich spatial configurations of encounter and surprise.

Equal Third Prize
Entry No. 119
A simple, grand spatial gesture offers itself to two readings – that is large-scale architecture, a roof which reaches from the Beton Hala upwards, towards the top of the hill; and, that is a landscape, a slope which slides down, from Kalemegdan to touch the roof of the Hala. Here, a building becomes the landscape, a landscape transforms itself into the building. That complex and generous structure "hides" all programmes, spaces for which are defined with an utmost flexibility, an excellent access and good infrastructural support.

Equal Third Prize
Entry No. 131
A realistic, buildable scheme which captures and reinterprets the fine urban grain of historic Belgrade and spatiality of its lose grid. It opens opportunities for incremental growth, a variety of interpretations and improvisations within an overall logic of the scheme. That provides for emergence of the complexity unique among the competing schemes.

Honourable Mention
Entry No. 50
In addition to meeting all the requirements of the Competition Brief, this scheme offers to Belgrade a dramatic programmatic addition – a Tropical Garden. It adds quality  and promises a novel urban experience. As such, the project has established itself as a category and as quality on its own.